Hi, I'm Eslar

Existing on the Internet and occasionally creating Things I share online.

This Page is under construction


About me

I am 26 years old and work as an IT Professional in Germany.
At work I support and manage ~150 Coworkers.

In my free time I like hanging out online with my friends, playing games, Working on small tools like Furbrush or my Smart Home system. 
My biggest Hobby is currently VRChat where I play with Face and eye tracking and generally toying around in unity.



A small brush I worked on when trying to make a better Texture of the Rexouium Avatar for VRchat.
it was co developed with direct feedback from Kurai Kitsune.

LED Ceiling light

Project under Construction (litterally and on this site)

my VRC Avatar

starting with the texture and now multiple edits, added Cloths and integrated face and eye tracking.
everything considered this is me Online.

Lasermaze in a Lasertag Arena

Project under Construction (litterally and on this site)